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A painting application with an infinite grid of custom shapes

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"Design is where science and art break even." Robin Mathew

Photo of the grid generator infinite main grid

A grid that lets you express freely

  • Infinite in size, draw anywhere
  • Keeps track of your process so you can replay it, timelapse it or share it
  • Easily set repetition points to create patterns
  • Colaborate with your friends by painting at the same time

Configurable grid elements

  • Create your own grid inside each square and use it to create your shapes
  • Intersections are calculated automatically
  • Create shapes and use them as brushes

Not limited to squares

  • You can configure grids in other tileable shapes
  • Reachable points are lit as you draw your shape
  • Multiple path possibilities are highlighted for you to chose from
  • Use the created shapes to paint in the main infinite grid

Photo of the Grid Generator color picker

Unique color picker

  • Easily chose a related color
  • The current color is shown at the center
  • The outter wheel shows the color mix for each color
  • A circular palette made of 16 related colors

Grid Generator is currently invite-only

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